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Handmade stringed instruments

about me

It is not easy to pinpoint exactly when I decided to dedicate my life to building string instruments. What I can say with certainty is that I have found my calling. My goal is to create violins, violas and violoncellos based on the excellence honed by centuries of craftsmanship, adding a distinctive personal note. I accomplish this because I appreciate the beauty, sound and playability of my instruments a whole. They are part of a holistic quality that is gained from careful wood selection, a knowledgable approach to the craft and all-encompassing precision.

After having graduated from the West-Saxonian University Zwickau – Markneukirchen with a bachelor´s degree and German master craftman´s certificate (Meisterbrief) as violin maker I completed my studies by gaining practical experience with several renowned luthiers. Based on this I can proudly claim to be a fully trained and experienced violin maker not only by profession – but also with passion.

violins by milena schmoller